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Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling provided in a safe confidential environment. You can use individual therapy to address a myriad of challenges while receiving support from a trained clinician. Individual therapy can address anxiety, depression, anger, and a variety of other subjects.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is provided to married and non-married couples to assist with strengthening your partnership and to gain a better understanding of each other. Couples therapy can help with: communication problems, conflicts, sexual difficulties, and blended families.

Family Counseling

Family counseling can be used to address conflict, adoption, blended families, and even death. Family counseling focuses on the dynamics of the family and how to improve them if necessary or to maintain healthy communication.

Anger Management

Choice-based anger management  is offered individually and in a group session for adolescents, adults and couples. Anger management groups teach how to effectively manage and cope with anger which is a natural response for anyone. Anger is normally seen as a negative reaction. However, anger is not negative it is your response that is often times seen as negative.

Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling can help people overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol and process addictions. Addiction counseling is also helpful for family members of those who have an addiction to substances to help build coping skills and process how they can build a stronger family


Suicide counseling is used to assist those who are in crisis situations. Talk therapy, along with empathy and compassion is used to help those who are considering suicide find a reason to live. Often-times loved ones come to counseling as well to process their loved one's suicidal behaviors and attempts.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is used to help clients explore careers, manage career changes and address career related life issues.

Supervision for Licensure

As a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor I provide individual, paired, and group supervision to those who are seeking licensure in the state of Georgia

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